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Consolidated Financial Statements As of and for the Years Ended December 31, 2020 and 2019
Farewell Tributes
After more than 15 years of service, Lisa Krouse retired from her executive role at FCCI. Always cultivating a culture of excellence, with an air of excitement and energy, Lisa brought a zest for life to FCCI. She was passionate that FCCI and the insurance industry would attract, retain and develop top-notch talent. Lisa was responsible for the development of programs that encouraged teammate growth.
Lisa brought change to the industry in many ways. Working for NCCI in the 1980s, she was instrumental in changing the term workmens’ compensation to workers’ compensation, thus making it gender-neutral. Later in her career, Lisa was the first woman appointed to FCCI’s Board of Directors, where she continues to sit today.
Lisa is respected as an insurance industry expert, senior executive, board member, author and community leader, yet she is loved because of the warmth and compassion she has shown for the industry and its people. We are grateful for all that Lisa gave, and continues to give, to FCCI.
Lisa Krouse, Esq.
EVP, Chief Administrative Officer
A trailblazer and change maker
Bill Speaker retired from FCCI in 2020, after 23 years of service. He started his career in insurance as a personal lines underwriter before moving into the commercial underwriting side of the business. In 1997, Bill joined FCCI as the Director of Underwriting with the mission of helping the company expand into the property and casualty business.
He held various management roles in the Florida Region, including Vice President of Underwriting and Regional Vice President. In 2012, Bill moved into his final role as senior vice president of corporate underwriting, where he oversaw the underwriting governance and quality processes that helped the company achieve its business goals.
We are grateful to Bill for his intellect, expertise and dedication. As a meaningful part of our company’s history, Bill was devoted to making us better, always looking out for the good of the company and our teammates. Mostly, we will miss his kind heart, exceptional wit and ability to make people feel special.
William Speaker
SVP, Corporate Underwriting
Always believing in our success
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