FCCI Risk Solutions Network
Delivering industry-leading content to policyholders
In the first quarter of 2023, FCCI’s Risk Control team launched a complimentary and robust client portal that includes HR and employment law resources, powerful risk management, compliance, education and peer networking tools and resources. The FCCI Risk Solutions Network (RSN) is available to all FCCI-appointed agents and policyholders and offers an expansive portfolio of cloud-based content to help businesses build a better and safer workplace.
Michael Tollerton, FCCI’s Risk Control Operations Analyst, expressed her enthusiasm about the RSN, stating, “The Risk Solutions Network is a game-changer for our customers. It provides a comprehensive suite of services that can truly make a difference in managing and mitigating risks effectively.”
Top 10 highlights of the FCCI Risk Solutions Network portal:
  1. Video Library: Offers access to hundreds of bilingual safety training videos, ensuring businesses have ample resources to educate their workforce effectively.
  2. Learning Management System: Features over 200 courses, providing interactive training modules coupled with tracking capabilities to monitor employee progress and compliance.
  3. OSHA Log: A turnkey solution that helps businesses track incidents, generate OSHA-mandated reports and print regulatory forms.
  4. Compliance Content: Offers OSHA and HR-compliant resources covering essential regulations like ACA, FLMA, COBRA and more.
  5. Employee Handbook Builder: Generate branded and customized employee handbooks by answering a few simple questions.
  6. HR Hotline: Delivers access to a team of human resource professionals ready to answer pressing business questions by phone or email.
  7. Facility Inspection Checklists: Provides practical tools for conducting thorough facility inspections to identify and address potential hazards.
  8. Customizable Risk Management Programs: Allows businesses to tailor risk management strategies according to their specific needs and challenges.
  9. Workplace Safety Articles: Unlocks a collection of informative articles, sample policies and risk management content to keep businesses informed to proactively mitigate risks.
  10. Peer Networking: Facilitates peer-to-peer connections through a community forum where employees can share insights and best practices.

In essence, RSN represents a pivotal step toward empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to cultivate a safer work environment. By offering a multifaceted approach to risk management and workplace safety, FCCI delivers highly sought-after support to business owners across every industry.
“Unlike many carriers, FCCI provides these advantages to all policyholders, regardless of premium size, ensuring even smaller accounts with limited capacity can access top-tier safety services.”
MATT ABERNATHY, AVP, Regional Operations
Brad Ross, Director of Risk Control in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and his team of risk control consultants have been able to guide policyholders to specific content in the FCCI Risk Solutions Network. They have the ability to conduct laser-focused searches on a variety of topics or industry resources to implement important safety measures. “Policyholders benefit greatly from RSN’s complimentary access to cutting-edge resources, customized safety plans and safety videos,” said Brad. Below are satisfaction scenarios his team has observed in the field:
  • A landscaping business was experiencing rapid growth, leading to challenges in safety and health management. Recognizing the need for support, they turned to RSN’s employee safety manuals. By customizing these resources to align with their expanding operations, they were able to alleviate the burden on HR and the company’s safety professionals. This proactive approach reduced stress and workload while providing a strategic and cost-effective solution.
  • A manufacturer decided to replace a safety and incident tracking platform with RSN that proved to be pivotal. They not only streamlined their safety processes but also achieved significant cost efficiencies.
  • A construction company exemplified how RSN can serve as a valuable resource for ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating potential risks. By utilizing RSN to verify the compliance of their fleet with the Department of Transportation standards, they were able to address any issues and avoid costly violations.
“Our commitment to easy navigation ensures a seamless experience, empowering businesses to preemptively manage risks, maintaining regulatory adherence, minimizing financial liabilities and enhancing workplace safety,” said Brad.
Success Story #1
RSN underscores the significant value
“Jeannie Bedford, Bookkeeper at SA Rainmaker, informed us that their third-party payroll company advised them, per Texas regulations, that they needed to develop and implement an employee handbook and have all employees complete sexual harassment training,” said Maria Lindblom, FCCI Risk Control Specialist, Southwest Region. Utilizing the FCCI Risk Solutions Network, Maria and Jeannie collaborated to successfully create a comprehensive employee handbook through the Employee Handbook Builder application in two productive meetings. SA Rainmaker was able to ensure compliance by enrolling their employees in the annual training program. The payroll company had proposed a monthly charge of $164 per month to use its HR web-based portal for these requirements, but with FCCI's RSN, SA Rainmaker was able to create the employee handbook at no cost.
Success Story #2
Preventing heat-related illnesses
Tracy Galvin, an EH&S Manager at Oppermann Webbing, Inc., in Piedmont, South Carolina, faced a challenge obtaining information to prevent indoor heat stress. The scorching summer months made preventing heat-related illnesses a top safety concern at their plant. Tracy expressed the importance, stating, “The plant where we work gets extremely hot in the summer months and preventing heat-related illnesses becomes our number one safety priority.” In his quest for solutions, Tracy turned to his FCCI Risk Control Specialist, Kevin Bishop from the Mid-Atlantic Region.
Kevin introduced Tracy to the FCCI Risk Solutions Network – a platform designed to provide fresh and informative training modules. Tracy credited RSN for being instrumental in achieving his goal, emphasizing its impact by saying, “The employee training modules proved to be integral in achieving a summer with zero heat-related incidents.” Tracy highlighted the financial challenges safety professionals face in maintaining up-to-date training materials, acknowledging the support RSN provided. He stated, “It can be hard for safety professionals to get the funding they need to keep up-to-date training materials on hand. Having RSN gives us some very welcome assistance as we maintain a safe and productive workplace.” Through Tracy's experience, it is evident that proactive measures and resources like RSN play a crucial role in safeguarding employee well-being and fostering a culture of safety within industrial settings.
Success Story #3
Safety at the forefront
Heather Robertson, Human Resources/Marketing, Southern Pride Distributing, LLC, in Alamo, Tennessee, shared the FCCI Risk Solutions Network with her Safety Coordinator so he could utilize the safety training videos in their quarterly safety meetings. Heather said, “We’re always looking for new material on PPE, bloodborne pathogens, lockout/tagout and many other topics that I’ve found in the library. I look forward to exploring the rest of the site specifically for HR topics as needed.”
Prior to adopting RSN, Heather utilized paid subscriptions for safety training resources, but they were pricey, difficult to navigate and outdated. “RSN is a great solution with a user-friendly design and a robust catalog of information and topics. It’s added significant value to being an FCCI policyholder,” said Heather. Since adopting RSN, her level of confidence changed, knowing her employees have access to a wide range of safety tools. “It gives me peace of mind knowing we have the ability to not only adequately train our staff on relevant topics but also be able to easily keep a record of that training in the event of an audit or regulatory inspection,” said Heather.
If you are an FCCI-appointed agent or policyholder and need to register for RSN, please visit our corporate website ( under Risk Control to learn how. If you have additional questions, contact your risk control consultant.
If you are an FCCI-appointed agent or policyholder and need to register for RSN, please visit our corporate website under Risk Control to learn how. If you have additional questions, contact your risk control consultant.
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