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Consolidated Financial Statements As of and for the Years Ended December 31, 2020 and 2019
FCCI thrived in 2020
We came together and emerged stronger and more unified.
On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, FCCI closed its offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the guidelines set forth in our Business Continuity Management (BCM) program, we made a proactive decision and enacted measures to facilitate a work from home environment. Apart from a few dozen essential workers, all teammates left our buildings – loading their computers, supplies and materials into their vehicles to work remotely. We had no idea it would be seven months before some would set foot in an FCCI office again and, at the time of this writing, more than a year for others. The journey was much longer than expected, but together we pivoted and thrived.
FCCI increased communication and maintained transparency by holding weekly all-company virtual meetings; deploying informative emails; producing and distributing a work from home digital newsletter; providing webinars on stress management; promoting access to our telehealth benefits; updating our intranet to deliver more resources; ensuring teammates had the necessary equipment and technical support to perform their jobs remotely; and tapping into multiple digital applications and virtual platforms that would enable us to get our jobs done. Supporting our teammates meant they could take care of their families, our customers, and our communities.
Our dedicated teammates rallied, despite having unique personal circumstances while unexpectedly having to work from home. They set up shop in spare bedrooms and on dining room tables – never missing a beat. Managing our professional and personal lives due to this predicament gave new meaning to work/life balance. Through it all, our teammates put people first and were able to deliver on our promises.
Although the way we interacted may have changed, FCCI did not waiver from our promise to do what we say we’ll do.
Prioritizing teammate safety and well-being In early February, prior to our office closures, we began implementing CDC protocols. We anticipated the road ahead and continued to prioritize the physical, mental and emotional well-being of every teammate. By early summer, for those working in our offices, we were requiring the use of face coverings and performing frequent daily high-touch cleaning procedures. We also established other health and safety measures, including updating our Home Office ventilation system. In partnership with the property management companies across FCCI’s regional offices, we ensured that building protocols met our strict needs and requirements. By October, we had instituted a voluntary, staggered return to office. Key to a successful office reentry was implementing a mobile health screening tool, conducting equipment sanitization, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks – all of which, including the daily high-touch cleaning, are still in effect today.
Taking care of the customers we serve We moved quickly to deploy comprehensive operating procedures that, while still prioritizing teammate safety, met the company’s responsibilities to our valued agency partners and policyholders. We found virtual ways to stay connected so we could continue to build and nurture our relationships. We reached out with empathy and understanding and, not surprisingly, received the same from our partners. In support of the businesses we serve, there were occasional in-person interactions. On a case-by-case basis, if our field teammates, agents and policyholders needed to meet in person, strict protocols were followed. If an in-person visit was not good for all parties, we met virtually. We stood alongside our agents and policyholders so businesses could continue to run their companies, manage risks and thrive. Although the way we interacted may have changed, FCCI did not waiver in our commitment to do the right thing.
Even while working from home, we found ways to maintain the FCCI teammate experience, culture and a sense of belonging.
Enacting our BCM plan
FCCI was prepared with a robust BCM program and already had a Pandemic Plan in place. The advanced planning, coordinated communications and innovative thinking made it possible to transition immediately to a dispersed workforce. Having emergency plans in place and testing them annually meant we were able to rapidly respond to changing facts, protocols and other crucial information. As we move forward, the BCM team will be working to bring additional teammates back to our offices and reviewing our Pandemic Plan to identify any lessons learned for future improvements of our response. We will also monitor changing protocols and communicate frequently to ensure we maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our teammates so we can continue to keep our promises to our agency partners and policyholders.
Building our team and our future FCCI was pleased to onboard 85 new teammates in 2020. The majority of those hired had yet to step foot in an FCCI office that year. Even while working from home, we found ways to maintain the FCCI teammate experience, culture and a sense of belonging. We are excited to be planning for additional waves of new teammates in 2021.
We reached out with empathy and understanding and, not surprisingly, received the same from our partners.
In light of all the difficulties, we ended 2020 with great success, financial strength and stability – able to deliver on our unwavering promise. The year provided us with a unique opportunity to embrace our resiliency, innovative spirit and cherished culture. The pandemic was, and continues to be, a challenge. Our priority has been and will continue to be the well-being of our teammates, customers and the communities we serve.
Keeping our promise - from our homes
Terry Brown – Southeast Region Manager, Regional Surety
Amanda Swalby – Agribusiness Commercial Lines Underwriter
Susie Pegoraro – Midwest Region Surety Claim Adjuster
Mary Halstead – Gulf Coast Region Sr. Surety Underwriting Assistant
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