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FCCI’s New Mission Statement
FCCI empowers its teammates to deliver commercial insurance products and services so businesses can thrive and face the future with confidence.
A business owner in Louisiana needs a storm-damaged roof repaired. A farmer in Ohio must find a veterinarian to check her herd of cattle with grass tetany. What they need to know is who they can count on to fix the roof and treat cattle disease.
It may seem like common knowledge, but shopping for a provider involves understanding what they can offer without meeting their customers. What people often seek are an entity’s reviews and mission statements. Reviews speak for themselves. Almost 90% of consumers rely on online reviews to help them make decisions. Mission statements have been one of many terms in the business world that have been overused to the point of losing weight with little meaning to the customer. To re-engage the magnitude of it, a mission statement can simply be understood as a concise reason for the existence of an organization or business.
What is the reason for FCCI’s presence? What would a business owner need to know when looking for solid insurance coverage, peace of mind or a relationship they can trust? FCCI empowers its teammates to deliver commercial insurance products and services so businesses can thrive and face the future with confidence.
FCCI Insurance Group’s new mission statement captures the company culture for its teammates, agents and policyholders. Ten years after its last rollout, it was reinvigorated in 2023 to reiterate the company’s ongoing promise – being there for its customers. The best commitment to action is the one that begins before the occurrence of setbacks and can even prevent claims from occurring in the first place. FCCI can respond immediately after major events such as hurricanes because of the preparations and investments made before a threat enters the picture. The company implements tools and practices that safeguard the welfare of itself and its business partners. Should a threat emerge that impacts a policyholder's business, FCCI teammates are “at the ready” to respond quickly and effectively without compromising their own welfare, thus enabling them to reach even more people. “Helping others in any capacity creates success,” says John Lay, a teammate in the Sarasota office headquarters.
Picture a company that helps others in every possible capacity. That is FCCI. In the words of Cina Welch, President & CEO, “We exceed expectations when we focus on three critical things: being accessible, being responsive and following through.”

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What sets FCCI apart?
While many insurance companies offer a variety of services, FCCI takes it one step further. How? By redefining what it means to protect our policyholders.
FCCI’s dedication and commitment to excellence is not merely a theme; it’s the core of our identity. FCCI goes beyond the standard and status quo. Our insurance solutions are not just comprehensive, they are meticulously designed and tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our focus? Building strong relationships and always putting people first.