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A view from Lisa Weiland, President of Field Operations and Chief Operations Officer
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As we begin 2019 with the strategic plan for 2025 unfolding, the future of FCCI has never looked brighter.
Our tremendous effort to gather insights and ideas for the strategic plan has made us a stronger organization with an even clearer direction. When we look at the horizon, our eight pillars act as a lens used to affirm that our future plans are aligned with our values, teammates and our agency partners. In terms of our agents, we continue to believe firmly in our relationship model. Our agents are our customer and first line underwriters, which is a key competitive advantage. In the coming year, we will continue to broaden and deepen relationships with our partners. We will also continue to seek out teammates who are knowledgeable and experienced in specific territories and give them broad authority to serve our customers through underwriting, claims and risk control. Our local presence is another competitive advantage for us. For technology, we know that to be competitive and relevant in the future, we need to make faster underwriting decisions. This year, we’ll focus on streamlining our operations by creating more efficient, effective workflows that will increase speed-to-decision and improve customer service. Modernizing our core technologies is the backbone of this effort. We have launched several large IT initiatives that, once completed, will help us to make decisions promptly and communicate them to our agents. These initiatives will also allow us to provide a more consistent customer experience for our agents across all of our regions. These initiatives will not only streamline our work but will serve to build a strong FCCI brand identity for both agents and policyholders in current and future marketplaces.
Through our strategic planning effort, we affirmed our strong belief in local presence. Our decentralized operating model, comprised of our regional offices and field teammates, has been, and will remain, central to our business. A recent restructuring in our regional operations reflects this commitment and increases our ability to provide exceptional local service and build brand density in new regions. We will continue to expand our local presence through more branch offices at a time when other companies, notably, are contracting and centralizing. While FCCI’s expansion into new states will continue, our primary business focus will be on increasing our market share in our existing states. Entry into Pennsylvania is slated for 2020, with Kansas thereafter. Above all, we want to make certain to provide the exceptional policyholder services that our agents have come to expect from us.
Finally, we understand times are changing. And, we are uniquely positioned to be successful in the future. Our exceptional teammates, deep partner relationships and dedication to creating more efficient technology will propel us forward — without losing sight of and embracing the core values that got us here today. We know who we are, and we’re aligned with our core foundational values. We also know that our agents value our services and believe in our relationship model as much as we do.
We are better together. It’s the FCCI Way. Together, we face the future with confidence.
FCCI’s Eight Pillars
Our dedication to creating more efficient technology and deeper relationships will propel us forward.
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