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Consolidated Financial Statements As of and for the Years Ended December 31, 2020 and 2019
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Courtney Hart, SVP, Mid-Atlantic Region
In 2020, words such as “pandemic,” “pivot,” “unprecedented” and “Zoom” defined the year. But at FCCI, as we heard when speaking with our regional leadership, “resilience” is the word that came up repeatedly, and it’s the trait that enabled our company to not just survive a year rife with adversity – we thrived.
Several regions reached new business milestones. Our geographic expansion into the state of Pennsylvania was successful. And we broke the $900 million mark in premiums – something that was not even in our original plan for the year!
When the pandemic disrupted businesses and our daily lives, our team did not miss a beat. Thanks to FCCI’s Business Continuity Management program – spearheaded by Cina Welch prior to assuming the CEO role – our team went virtual and was taking care of business almost immediately. We connected and communicated frequently to make sure our teammates were doing well and had the resources necessary to do their jobs successfully.
We heard from numerous agent partners how they appreciated the way we reached out, listened, assessed and addressed their needs. They also noted our concern not just for their businesses but also for them, as people who were dealing with the same fears, challenges and frustrations as we were. Our relationships were enhanced and strengthened.
In 2021, we plan to focus on the following:
Maximizing profitability We will adhere to our pillars and putting our agents and policyholders first, while ensuring our underwriting actions support our business model and profits are maintained.
Enhancing agency partnerships We will focus on creating connections by going deeper with our relationships, while saying yes more and delivering greater efficiencies in processing their business.
Evaluating future growth We will offer new products and will consider which states might be the ripest for entry.
Looking back, the resilience of our teammates along with FCCI’s steadfast culture were essential to our success in 2020. The multichannel connections we forged will serve to make us stronger and better in the year ahead. Now, we look forward to continuing to strengthen our footprint, increase recognition of our brand, and foster successful relationships in 2021.
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