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Respect & Inclusion at FCCI
Building a culture of empathy, acceptance and understanding
At FCCI, we focus particular attention on the journey we take together every day. It’s a continual state of being. It involves actions, behaviors, practices and a sincere commitment to building a work environment that is welcoming and encouraging for all team members. It’s a special feeling of belonging. Our Board of Directors and leadership team are dedicated to fostering and maintaining a culture where everyone is treated with respect and where diversity is sought, accepted and valued year-round.
In 2020, when Cina Welch became FCCI’s President & CEO, she increased companywide awareness of causes, cultures and celebrations often unfamiliar to many in our workforce. In January 2021, teammates volunteered to collaborate with Human Resources and Marketing & Communications to develop and implement appropriate monthly initiatives across our five regions.
Shown here are graphic representations of some of our 2022 initiatives. The deeper messaging includes background, perspectives, resources and events related to each topic. This content is featured on our website, as well as our Intranet, where teammates are encouraged to participate by sharing their stories, comments, ideas, photos, videos and experiences. Previous celebrations are archived for future reference on the company Intranet. They can also share sentiments on FCCI’s LinkedIn and Facebook social media platforms.
In addition, teammates can download themed images for their screensaver, virtual meeting background and email signature. Digital media boards are displayed in the lobby throughout our home office, regional and branch offices. The objective is for every teammate to engage in the topic and learn something new. This ongoing practice supports FCCI’s commitment to building a culture of respect and inclusion.