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Regional Leadership Spotlights
A year of coming together
Michael S. Noble Senior Vice President, Florida-Georgia Region
2022 was a challenging year for the Florida-Georgia Region (FGR) in many ways. The effects of COVID were still being felt, and the new norm, post-COVID, started to settle in. Florida had just finished three successful years in a row with solid production and profitability. Florida was looking to turn an underwriting profit (under 100% combined ratio) for the fourth year in a row in 2022. The state was also looking to write more than $50 million of new business for the third year in a row (an FCCI record).
The year started off very well for Florida in the 1st Quarter of 2022. Early in the 2nd Quarter, the state of Georgia was added to the old Florida Region to form the Florida-Georgia Region. FCCI needed to refocus and realign efforts in Georgia, the second-oldest state in FCCI’s footprint. The company is very committed to Georgia. A plan was set up to rebuild the leadership in Georgia and regain the trust of our agency partners in the state.
As 2022 went on, the state of Florida continued to exceed plans in written premium, new business and loss ratio. Our valued agency partners gave us their best business and the momentum continued throughout the year. Florida ended 2022 with a new FCCI record of just over $327 million in written premium and $51.5 million in new business. The new business number completed the third consecutive year of over $50 million in new business. This was another record for FCCI. Despite one of the largest storms in United States history, Hurricane Ian (which hit in FCCI’s own backyard), the state made an underwriting profit for the fourth year in a row. The accomplishments were amazing and a tribute to an excellent FCCI team and valued agency partners. FCCI shined in the aftermath of the hurricane with best-in-industry claim handling.
Staffing had been an issue in Georgia for some time and we were able to fully staff the state by the end of the year. This included adding two new leaders in the Branch, Bryan Bogardus (Vice President of the Georgia Branch) and William Cooper (Underwriting Director). These two gentlemen were added to the Georgia leadership team that already included Jennifer Thompson, Business Development Director for Georgia. The Georgia Branch goes into 2023 with great optimism.
The new Florida-Georgia Region is ready to break more records in 2023. We are excited to partner with our valued agency partners to write their best business and take care of their customers, the policyholders, better than anyone else in the industry. FGR is poised to pass the $400 million mark in 2023 and is well-positioned to get to the coveted half-billion mark in the next few years. The future is very bright!
Improving visibility, building trust and keeping promises
Tiffany C. Hawkins Senior Vice President, Gulf Coast Region
2022 turned out to be a record-breaking year for the Gulf Coast Region. After a slow start, the Region's visibility strategy propelled us to exceed new business goals. The year-end direct written premium total of $146.2 million is the highest ever for the region. The Gulf Coast Region also achieved a 50% calendar year loss ratio.
The success of our visibility strategy started with leading by example and getting our leadership team in the field. With many of our agencies working from home, our teammates had to get creative to collaborate with our customers. As these efforts compounded, we began to see the results through increased submissions in Q3 and Q4.
The underwriting team focused on brand awareness and building trust throughout our regional footprint. Our risk control team also held a crucial role holding events, conducting training and promoting companywide safety initiatives. I am proud of everyone for getting out there and making a difference.
The Gulf Coast Region covers Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana and Mississippi. Our team is committed to growing our market share in all five states and a continued commitment to profitable growth. To do so, our team introduced Agency Partnership Principles (APP), where we looked at how to become better partners for our agents and be better prepared for our visits. We are committed to doing what we say we’ll do and to the mutual success of FCCI and our agency partners.
One of the secrets to the Gulf Coast success is our commitment to teammate investment. We continue to ask ourselves how to elevate the region and grow stronger together.
Looking ahead to 2023, the Region’s focus is to “leave no doubt.” No doubt that we will do what we say we’ll do. No doubt that we will keep our promises and no doubt we are committed to being a consistent market for our agency partners.
The success of our visibility strategy started with leading by example and getting our leadership team in the field.
Growing together with a united vision and common goals
Tracy L. Stoeckel Senior Vice President, Agribusiness
I’m proud to mark my fifth year leading the FCCI Agribusiness team. Together we produced historical results. However, the primary reason for our success continues to be the impressive growth and development of the entire Ag team.
Over this time, our team has grown, finishing the year at 45-strong. We continued to hire top talent while promoting from within. We added two new underwriting supervisors and a business development supervisor that participated in FCCI’s Emerging Leaders Program. With this solid foundation, we focused on career development, coaching and mentoring. Several experienced and dedicated teammates earned well-deserved promotions. We further bolstered the team with additional trainees and a summer intern.
The Ag team works in 20 states demonstrating high skill, expertise and engagement. Clear communication and close collaboration among teammates are vital, given our geography. One way we remain cohesive is through our monthly meetings. In our Teammate Connections, we feature two teammates and get to know them even better personally. This year we also held two unique Appreciation Days to celebrate the talents of our associate underwriters and underwriting technicians.
The Ag team works in 20 states demonstrating high skill, expertise and engagement. Clear communication and close collaboration among teammates are vital, given our geography.
The succession planning and onboarding programs that we developed are delivering results. Our teammates are learning, enabling them to produce quality work early in their careers. We’re all growing together under a united vision and common goals — a major success for 2022.
Financially speaking, 2022 was a banner year for Agribusiness. We hit a record $129 million in direct written premium, exceeding our goal by $9 million. Of that amount, $15 million was generated from new business, topping our goal by $3 million. We achieved an exceptional 92% retention rate for policy renewals. We could only have attained these results through the efforts and support of our agency partners.
This strong performance came with some challenges. The Ag business is particularly vulnerable to weather-related damages from wind, hail, tornadoes and hurricanes. While Hurricane Ian impacted the results, only a few policyholders sustained damage. The Ag claims and underwriting teammates were out on day one, assessing damage, doing cleanup work, and providing much-needed comfort and support.
FCCI is recognized in the Agricultural industry as a leading provider of specialty insurance. Growers, packers, shippers, farms, dairies, suppliers and more trust our Ag team to protect their businesses and livelihood.
Building a strong and connected team
Courtney V. Hart Senior Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Region
In May 2022, the Mid-Atlantic Region extended its footprint to include North and South Carolina (formerly part of the Southeast Region) to better support our teammates and serve our agents. We brought seasoned leadership to a team that had seen recent turnover and worked quickly to get to know them, understand their challenges and connect them to an established group already serving Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.
The results were outstanding
After a slow start in 2022, the Carolinas and the entire Mid-Atlantic team rallied in the last six months of the year to deliver production that was consistently above our goals as we increased our number of opportunities, won larger new business accounts, and restored confidence in our agency partners. Ultimately, we ended with direct written premium of $111.1 million. In addition, our claim team performed exceptionally for our policyholders, paying 2,123 claims totaling $29.8 million and achieving a closing ratio of 100.4%
We also set up our region for continued success by significantly growing opportunities in our newest expansion state of Pennsylvania which gives us great optimism going into 2023.
We hired six new teammates in 2022, bringing our Mid-Atlantic family to 56 strong. We continued to hire the best people that fit our region’s culture and who follow the work ethic of “we do what we say we'll do.” We’ve built a high-performing team that our agency partners know and trust and who continue to provide value to our customers through creative underwriting and by out-servicing the competition.
We also added 11 new agency partners which now number 197. The strength of our success has always been attributable to the relationships we have with our agents and we were fortunate to connect with not only our newly appointed agents but with our key partners throughout the territory. While many companies have eliminated outside events, the Mid-Atlantic Region hosted five successful agency events across our footprint in 2022. These put our team face-to-face with customers to nurture those lasting relationships. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive as they appreciated FCCI taking the initiative to connect in person, and it paid off through unique business opportunities and a noticeable lift in premium. While technology can be efficient and effective, we cannot understate the value of meeting our customers person-to-person.
Sadly, in July we lost a dear member of our regional family with the sudden death of Claims Manager Jack Sowers. It was a gut-wrenching shock to teammates in our region, our agency partners and the insurance industry throughout Virginia. Jack’s passing had a profound impact, both personally and professionally, on the co-workers, agents and policyholders he served throughout his career. Everyone who knew Jack respected and admired his friendship, dedication, experience and support. In his memory, the break room in our Mid-Atlantic office now bears a plaque in tribute to Jack. He will always be with us!
Looking back on 2022, I can confidently say that our region finished strong and proud. We have solid leadership and phenomenal teammates in place to serve our customers and succeed in 2023.
Achieving excellence by bringing us back together … teammates, agency and association partners
Gregory L. Kramer Senior Vice President, Midwest Region
Emerging from the pandemic in early 2022, the Midwest Region faced a delicate balance between personal impact and professional responsibilities. Visiting agencies in our states was still rare — but we did it. Our customers were ready to get together and talk business. So much of what we do is based on deepening those relationships. It’s a key differentiator for us, and it paid off with big returns.
We ended 2022 with $113.8 million in direct written premium, the highest in our region’s history. Meanwhile, we shared over $1.2 million in profit sharing checks among 41 agency partners for their strong profitability performance. The Midwest Region appointed 10 new agencies, increasing the total to 128.
FCCI’s culture emphasizes that we are “better together.” Thankfully, 2022 presented opportunities to come together to renew and strengthen relationships with our agency and association partners. The Midwest Region held events that clearly impacted our success. We hosted a signature agency appreciation event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a bourbon trail experience in Kentucky and other association events that brought FCCI teammates and our customers together. We consistently heard that FCCI was engaging with customers in person much more than other carriers.
The ability to reunite in person with Midwest teammates was equally critical to our region’s success. In early 2022, we had teammates from our six states — Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio come together for the first time in two years for a Town Hall “Hoops & Hoopla” event. Seeing everyone in the room feeding off each other’s energy set the tone for a banner year. Another team building engagement was held at the Indianapolis Indians minor league baseball park.
The Midwest Region comprises the most teammates in the Young Professionals Group at FCCI. It’s refreshing to see the enthusiasm they display daily. At the same time, I can’t give enough praise to our seasoned professionals for the difference they make in mentoring and coaching these rising stars. I am optimistic about the future and our ability to grow and provide measurable results for the company.
We met with students from local universities to support our internship and trainee programs which were essential in building our bench strength and developing the next generation of insurance industry professionals. In 2022, the Midwest added eight new teammates, bringing the region’s total to 46.
2023 will be about continuing the momentum we started in 2022 and helping each other grow while producing profitable results. We will accomplish this through diligent underwriting, strong pricing and making sound risk decisions. Finally, we’ll focus on making our agency visits more productive and valuable while respecting our customers’ time.
I applaud the team’s resiliency and perseverance in overcoming the pandemic’s lingering effects and the aftermath of catastrophic storms. The challenges that they faced and overcame have been amazing and inspirational. MWR Peeps Rock!
Our most successful year ever for Surety
Scott G. Paice Senior Vice President, Surety
2022 was a record year for FCCI Surety! That’s been the case every year since we started writing surety bonds on January 1, 2011. We benefited from a good construction economy and carried that momentum throughout the year.

2022 marked our 12th full year of operations and was our most successful year yet. We wrote 7,808 bonds for nearly $35 million in direct written premium. That was up 28% over 2021, including solid growth in all regions.
More importantly, we finished the year with a 5% direct loss ratio attributed to disciplined underwriting and excellent claim handling by our surety claim professionals.
In 2022, we executed a plan to upgrade our surety technology. I’m pleased to report that we successfully launched the new Express Surety platform during Q4. We continue an initiative to import more data into the system for improved management reporting and analysis. Thanks to those teammates and our vendor, Tinubu, for their time and effort. This positions us well for future state expansion and growth.
Surety onboarded seven new teammates in 2022, bringing the total to 29 at year-end. One of those new hires in Q4 was an experienced territory manager who will lead FCCI into the surety market in Colorado. This person will be responsible for developing the territory, marketing and underwriting new business. We plan to make similar hires in the Northeast and Northwest, along with strengthening our presence in the Mid-Atlantic, in preparation for writing Surety bonds in 46 states by the end of 2023.
We are very proud of our 2022 results and cautiously optimistic for 2023. We realize the continued strong headwinds in our industry as we face continued pressures from inflation, labor shortages and supply chain issues.
Our success has been, and will always be, the product of our outstanding teammates and strong FCCI agency relationships. Thank you all for your continued trust and support!
A great success story
Kevin Stockton Regional Vice President, Southwest Region
I had the pleasure of joining FCCI in early 2023, and becoming part of a great success story. A little over 10 years ago, FCCI’s Southwest Region expansion into Texas became a reality with the issuance of our first policy on October 1, 2012.
That success began with Jim Harms at the helm, accompanied by a handful of employees. By adding the state of Texas to our footprint, we set out to build a region that could become another anchor for FCCI alongside our home state of Florida.
I am so happy and proud to say we have made excellent progress. From that small group of teammates with no premium in 2012, we finished 2022 with nearly $130 million in premium from our commercial, agribusiness and surety operations. The Southwest Region now employs over 60 underwriting, risk control, claim and IT professionals – a great success story, indeed!
We will thoughtfully expand our distribution in a manner that still protects the FCCI brand and franchise value our agency partners have come to know and appreciate.
We look forward to the next chapters as we build an even stronger sense of community and celebrating our successes together as we continue exceeding expectations.