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Supporting our Communities
through our Eighth Pillar
The FCCI Charitable Foundation was established in the spring of 2019. It affirms our long-term commitment to charitable giving – FCCI’s eighth pillar. The FCCI Charitable Foundation is administered by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, a highly efficient and cost effective way to operate. For every $1 collected by the foundation, more than 99 cents is made available to donate to worthy organizations.
FCCI and its teammates support numerous organizations encompassing a wide range of needs. In 2022, the foundation selected food insecurities as its annual focus. Thanks to our teammates’ and community partners' generous contributions throughout the year, the foundation was able to make donations to the following organizations focused on addressing food insecurities.
Georgia Branch Office
The Quinn House
Gulf Coast Region
Extra Table
Mid-Atlantic Region
Feed More
Midwest Region
Midwest Food Bank
Southwest Region
North Texas Food Bank
All Faiths Food Bank
In addition, the FCCI Charitable Foundation donated $11,200, along with carloads of donated supplies to Volunteer Florida for Hurricane Ian relief in November, bringing FCCI’s total giving to $101,200.
In Florida’s DeSoto and Sarasota Counties, All Faiths Food Bank goes beyond providing food for residents in need. In 2022, almost 30 million pounds of food were collected, sorted and delivered. The organization prioritizes meal distribution to the most vulnerable individuals first, such as children, veterans and seniors. Additionally, they work to help people acquire long-term food security and self-sufficiency. To help make these efforts possible, FCCI teammates volunteered numerous hours assisting in the food bank’s warehouse. In addition to volunteering time, the FCCI Charitable Foundation donated $40,000 to the Floridian food bank. “Our efficiency is multiplied by their efficiency,” Cina Welch, FCCI President & CEO, points out, “All Faiths spends only 7-8% of their total revenue to pay for overhead.” The FCCI Charitable Foundation awarded another $50,000 in donations to five more food banks across the company’s footprint.
Marcie Luhigo, Executive Director, Midwest Food Bank, Indiana wrote, “Thank you so much for your generous donation to Midwest Food Bank. We are committed to using it wisely, as we work to alleviate hunger and provide relief from disaster.”
It’s great to have a dedicated focus where we know we can make a difference. Combating food insecurities throughout all of our regions is just one way to show we care. And it’s immediate.
FCCI Cares
FCCI Cares is powered by the FCCI Charitable Foundation. The foundation represents our culture of giving back to the communities where we live and work. Each year, teammates have up to eight hours of company-paid time to volunteer at a charity of their choice. While teammates spent the bulk of their hours in 2022 volunteering at food banks, multiple other worthwhile causes like the ones below were beneficiaries of the company’s goodwill.
Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that has assisted over 39 million people in the last 47 years by building safe and affordable homes for qualified applicants. In 2022, FCCI committed to sponsoring its ninth Habitat home by providing 58 volunteers who dedicated 292.5 hours. Cina comments, “Anybody who does that kind of volunteer work wants to go back and do it again because they know that it truly matters.”
Suncoast Charities for Children (SCC) is another cause that has been close to FCCI’s heart. SCC supports infants, children, teens and adults with special needs by raising funds at annual events that help to support seven local agencies offering programs critical for overcoming physical and cognitive challenges. FCCI teammates have volunteered at SCC events like Thunder by the Bay Music and Motorcycle Festival and Summerfest.
“Our teammates do lots of things in the community outside of FCCI’s volunteer program. They have causes that are important to them which they support. That’s one of the things that makes FCCI so special,” Cina adds. The teammates of this multiregional insurance carrier dedicate themselves to providing humanitarian care that makes an indelible impact 365 days a year. “That we can get resources where they’re needed, quickly is what’s important to us,” Cina continued, “We don’t need thanks or recognition. Just knowing that we helped, that we made a difference – that's thanks enough for us.”