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A career with a purpose SM

The retiring population has been, and is forecasted to be, an issue of critical importance in the coming years.
While there is very low attrition in the industry and the unemployment rate is well below the national average*, companies are struggling to attract younger workers.

In order to reach new talent, FCCI is taking purposeful, meaningful action. In all of our regions, we are forging partnerships with institutions of higher education – from Indiana State University and Ball State in our Midwest Region; the University of Mississippi, Middle Tennessee State University and Mississippi State in the Gulf Coast Region; University of Texas at Arlington and University of Texas – Dallas in the Southwest; and Florida State University, University of South Florida and State College of Florida, Manatee–Sarasota in Florida – to provide input on risk management curricula and offer students opportunities to learn more about the business.

Having a voice is key to FCCI’s new talent engagement strategy. Team members participate in college risk management programs and industry associations. Each region seeks out opportunities to participate in and sponsor programs throughout the educational community. All of our regional offices also offer internship opportunities.

At FCCI, we believe insurance is a meaningful, inspirational and exciting industry, rife with opportunities for advancement. Most importantly, we believe insurance is crucial, meaningful work: we are there to step in for a family or business owner in a time of need and to protect what matters most in people’s lives. “I think we have a culture that’s unique. At FCCI, you truly have the opportunity to make a difference and have an impact,” said Tiffany Hawkins, vice president, Gulf Coast Region. “We value our teammates as individuals and help them understand and build upon their talents and natural strengths.”

“As the future of insurance is dependent on talent joining the industry, we realize we have a great responsibility to educate as broad of an audience as we can about the purposeful work available. It is not a responsibility we’re taking lightly,” added Tiffany.

*At the time this story was written
College students discussing solutions to scenarios, Career with a Purpose Day, July 2019
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