On the Horizon: Moving Beyond Legacy Systems

Jeff Frazee, EVP, Chief Information & Transformation Officer

As we come to the end of another decade, FCCI is working diligently to position itself for continued successful company performance.
FCCI has been expanding our recruiting methods in our corporate and regional marketplaces to ensure we have a strong, capable workforce. Over the past five years, we have hired nearly 500 teammates, necessitated by company growth, retirements and normal turnover for a business of our size. With this level of teammate change, we are emphasizing continuous improvement in training advancements, mentoring programs, internal communication mechanisms and improved process documentation. To that end, all of our teammates and business partners must endeavor to expand their knowledge, question the status quo and help to propel our collective intellectual capital to new levels.
Regarding systems and technology, we continue to execute in close alignment with our multiyear IT strategic plan as well as our corporate goals. In the first half of 2020 we will be wrapping up the largest systems replacement in the company’s history, moving from multiple legacy policy administration systems to just one – across 10 lines of business.
With this major program behind us, FCCI will begin focusing our attention on enhancing our customer-interaction systems, aimed squarely at improving our policyholder and agent touchpoint experiences. In 2020 and 2021, FCCI will also focus on business expansion, underwriting automation, a new surety platform, real time integrations and move into replacing our agent and customer portals. While expanding our capabilities in these areas, we will also continue to enhance our security posture, improve best practice processes and remain prepared for strong business resilience.
“... we are well positioned to grow our premium and policyholder base in 2020 and beyond.”
Jeff Frazee, EVP, Chief Information & Transformation Officer
Based on the results generated in 2019, we are well positioned to grow our premium and policyholder base in 2020 and beyond. To enable our vision, FCCI will focus on several strategic endeavors.
First, we will improve our underwriting efficiency, speed to decision and overall profitability through continuance of the underwriter desktop implementation and emphasis on auto pricing in order to stabilize a difficult line of business.
Second, we will add to our current agency force in areas where expansion makes sense while being careful not to lose sight of our franchise value.
Third, we will move into new states and add new products and endorsements to our portfolio.
Finally, FCCI will improve profitability in difficult lines of business.
FCCI has immense opportunities on the horizon. To be successful, we will need supportive agent partnerships, highly engaged teammates who are committed to our core values, creative thinkers who push us to be better than ever before, improved technology and unwavering dedication to operational excellence. We hope you are ready to take this exciting journey with us.
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