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Everyone matters at FCCI
Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives
FCCI is committed to respect in the workplace. Our environment encourages teammates to exchange thoughts and ideas, free of bias and favoritism. By empowering each teammate to succeed, our team becomes stronger. This philosophy – doing what’s right and doing it for all – helps deliver outstanding results for our customers and organization.
To align with our workplace vision, FCCI formed a diversity, equity and inclusion outreach team. The volunteer members of this group increased companywide awareness on a number of topics and causes. Monthly recognitions and celebrations were created to educate and inform teammates through emails, the company’s intranet, digital media boards and social media. Related online and downloadable supportive resources were made available and teammates were encouraged to share their stories.
To ensure FCCI’s leaders were promoting open dialogue, training was conducted to embrace different perspectives and diversity of thought. This included exercises aimed at listening to opposing opinions, thinking before reacting, and engaging in constructive, thoughtful debates.
“There is a common thread shared by our 807 teammates – to be individuals who choose to create a special place to work.”
— Ann Driscoll, SVP, Human Resources
Providing a robust, competitive, fair compensation and benefits package has always been a priority at FCCI. Salaries are based on national compensation surveys and measured against peer averages that are reviewed annually. Recruitment activities take place across the country to expand the pool of qualified candidates. As a result, FCCI has attracted talented teammates from around the nation and the world.
The six regions where FCCI does business (Florida, Gulf Coast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast and Southwest), are comprised of 20 states, plus D.C. While together we are one company, each is culturally different. FCCI celebrates the inherent differences, colloquialisms, and thought processes that are born out of our regions. Each takes pride in the broad range of life experiences they provide to the company and our customers. While FCCI is a Florida-based company, FCCI is not Florida centric.
Diversity, equity and inclusion will always be evolving and ongoing. At FCCI, our strategy is built around our culture, not the other way around. There is a common thread shared by our 807 teammates – to be individuals who choose to create a special place to work. Where a passionate commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is integral to a promise to serve others.