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A special tribute to G.W. Jacobs

FCCI teammate, 1987 - 2021
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Gordon “G.W.” Jacobs retired from FCCI’s Board of Directors in December 2021, of which he had been a member since 1999. Prior to his role as a board member, he served as FCCI’s fourth President and CEO from 1999 to 2011.
A Georgia native, G.W. attended Florida Southern College in Lakeland, where he worked for Maas Brothers, a Tampa-based retailer. After earning a law degree from the University of Florida in 1977 and working at a small law firm, he moved to Tallahassee to work for the Florida Department of Labor as an attorney in the workers’ compensation division, subsequently becoming their chief attorney. 
G.W. joined FCCI in 1987 and became the company’s first in-house corporate counsel in 1989. When FCCI became the largest and most successful self-insurance fund in Florida, G.W. drafted legislation that allowed a self-insurance fund to convert to a mutual insurance company. By the end of 1994, FCCI Mutual Fund became FCCI Mutual Insurance Company. This structure allowed FCCI to continue its mission to meet the needs of policyholders without the risk of having to support other self-insurance funds.
Russel Currin Jr. and G.W. Jacobs, 2000
“We must continue to change with society to sustain our desire to be a model for how we conduct business. FCCI must adapt to retain its position as an innovative and ethical enterprise which recognizes its responsibilities to customers, community and country.”
— G.W. Jacobs
In 1998, G.W. drafted legislation, allowing a mutual insurance company to convert to a mutual insurance holding company. Soon thereafter, FCCI Insurance Group was formed. This structure was a first for Florida and a first in the nation for a Property & Casualty carrier.
Over his 12-year term as CEO, G.W. helped catapult FCCI from $837 million in assets to more than $1.8 billion; from doing business in four states to 15; and from $248 million in annual direct written premium to $473 million. He championed geographic and line of business expansion as well as investments in staff, technology and agency relationships. His belief in putting people first and doing the right thing aligned with the values FCCI was founded upon.
The Home Office Board Room was dedicated as the G.W. Jacobs Executive Board Room
G.W. receives Chicago Cubs jersey, personalized with his name, from the Midwest Region
He also gave us SHELF SPACE and helped to identify our core values of Loyalty, Integrity, Vision, Excellence and Service – both of which endure as part of FCCI’s fabric and culture.
Retiring from his role as President and CEO in 2011 but remaining on FCCI’s Board of Directors, G.W. contributed his insight, wisdom and guidance for the next 10 years.
FCCI celebrates the achievements and contributions of a true leader who made a lasting impact on FCCI’s growth, culture and success.