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With appreciation
Lisa Weiland retires
Lisa Weiland retired from FCCI in 2021 having joined in 2013. She started with the company as SVP, Underwriting, and was promoted to EVP, Chief Operations Officer, two years later. In 2018, she became EVP, President of Field Operations and Chief Operations Officer. Her final role was EVP, Senior Advisor to the President.
When Lisa joined the company, she was immediately well-respected and integral to the leadership of FCCI. She led important, transformational initiatives and promoted our strategic expansion. Her strong industry relationships and thoughtful leadership skills, coupled with exceptional operational and underwriting knowledge, were essential to running our field teams.
Lisa brought valuable insight from her many years in the industry, but more so, she brought an understanding of emotional intelligence and warmth to everyone she met. She knew the importance of the human element. With a smile, laughter and a wonderful sense of humor, Lisa never took herself too seriously. From the time she opened her first FCCI Town Hall meeting yelling “O-H-I-O!” everyone knew she was special … and a serious Buckeye fan!
Lisa’s countless contributions, support and encouragement helped position her teammates for continued success. Her camaraderie further inspired her teammates to collaborate with one another to overcome any obstacles and achieve any goal.
Lisa Weiland, FCCI teammate, 2013-2021