FCCI Young Professionals Group Elevates and Inspires

Recent studies show that younger workers want their careers to have purpose; to benefit from opportunities for professional development; and to be granted increased access and have their voices heard.
Given the critical need to attract new talent to the insurance industry, FCCI’s Young Professionals Group (YPG) could not have come along at a better time.
As early as 2015, the Sarasota Home Office explored the idea of starting a group for teammates early on in their careers. In the beginning, the newly formed group got together primarily for social opportunities but, slowly, it became a more stable organization, with a leadership team, a growing member base and accountability among the group members.
YPG events revolve around three main themes: Connect. Serve. Lead. Participants connect through diverse networking and social events; serve the community through extensive volunteerism; and strive to develop themselves as professionals in the industry through ongoing learning opportunities and access to senior leadership. They also launched a Humanitarian Committee to focus on FCCI’s eighth pillar – charitable giving. Through its philanthropic efforts in 2018, the group donated more than 91 volunteer hours and, for 2019, members contributed more than 175 hours to a variety of causes.
Currently, there are 70 members at our Home Office location, with a robust offering of programs and monthly networking opportunities. Our Midwest, Southwest, Southeast and Gulf Coast Regions plus our Lake Mary branch were added in early 2019.
Participants have access to professional development programs like Lunch with Leadership. In addition, they are currently making plans to create insurance designation study groups. A future mentorship program will soon bring together new and experienced teammates.
“FCCI is leading the way in insurance to attract and retain new talent,” said Win Remley, premium audit supervisor, Home Office, who also serves as YPG’s vice president of professional development. “Our Young Professionals Group offers a great way to do that.”
The infrastructure being built and connections being made through the YPG will be crucial in helping to guide FCCI into the future to meet its 2025 strategic plan.
Members of the FCCI Young Professionals Group at the National Public Lands Day cleanup
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