When is a Website More than a Website?
When it’s the foundation for a new digital ecosystem.
In June of 2018, FCCI launched an updated website. Built on a new platform that represents a significant investment in technology for FCCI, the website focuses on providing a better customer journey for potential policyholders, leading them to find an agent and, ultimately, resulting in referrals to FCCI’s agency partners. It also engages agents as potential business partners and job seekers as potential teammates.
“We wanted to ensure that our digital game stays up to par with our relationship game,” said Lisa Krouse, Board Member, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer. “We wanted to emphasize personal relationships, local presence and financial strength as well as a sense of our culture. That’s the FCCI Way.” With a modern, intuitive design and fresh look, the website provides deeper content and key coverage and industry information, and it is delivered on a responsive platform that helps users find the right path and connect with FCCI’s brand value. For potential policyholders, it’s now easier to find agencies near them that write business with FCCI. If they are searching using a smartphone, they can call an agency with one click, map the location, visit the website, or text or email the information to themselves or someone else for later use. “Since launching the new website, there’s been a small increase in the average number of visitors to the site, but more importantly, there’s been a significant increase in the amount of time those visitors spend on the site. There’s also been an increase of more than 400% in clicks to the Find an Agent feature, indicating that we’re doing a much better job of attracting the right visitors to the website, sharing the information they need and creating leads for our agents,” says Melanie Reda, FCCI Digital Strategy Manager. “We’re making better use of data and technology to position the company for the future,” says Jeff Frazee, FCCI SVP, Chief Information & Transformation Officer. “We live in an increasingly digital world, and it is essential that FCCI remain competitive in this arena.” The new website is just the first step into FCCI’s digital transformation. We are focused on the needs of our agents, policyholders and teammates and are engaged in additional projects that will bring similar improvements to our policy administration system, underwriting and claims management applications, ExpressServeSM online service center, and intranet. “The new website was a significant first step,” says Reda. “From here, we will continue using strategy, analytics and technology to connect with our customers’ and teammates’ needs on a meaningful level.”
Chances are, you didn’t make it through 2018 without hearing the term “Insurtech.” But what is it, and what does it mean for FCCI? Insurtech is a blanket term used to describe the ever-growing technology innovations that are transforming the insurance industry. It includes everything from smartphone apps to automated risk calculators to wearable technology. In short, it’s the technology that we use in our everyday lives, and it’s changing the expectations we have of every product and service we consume, including insurance. Insurtech is most visible in personal lines insurance, where consumers now expect to compare coverage and price online as well as buy policies, report claims and pay bills. Newer technology is also enabling discounts for safe driving and maintaining fitness routines, reported through telematic auto-monitoring devices and fitness trackers. Changing expectations are increasingly being seen in the commercial insurance marketplace as well, such as the demand for faster access to information including quotes, policy specifics, auto ID cards and claim status. Other types of Insurtech are also entering the commercial insurance space, such as sensors and artificial intelligence in various forms that will accelerate the human-machine interaction (HMI). At FCCI, we are looking into all of these. We have several technology initiatives in progress and a five-year digital strategy roadmap focused on improvements to the customer experience. We want your interactions with us, whether digital or in-person, to be exceptional.
“From here, we will continue using strategy, analytics and technology to connect with our customers’ and teammates’ needs on a meaningful level.”
What is Insurtech?
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