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FCCI Surety’s Best Year Yet
At the heart of every great success story is the spirit of uncompromising dedication — an All In mentality that inspires commitment to a shared vision. It is also what differentiates a true team from a group of individuals.
The FCCI Surety story began in 2009. In a survey sent to agents, we asked what other products FCCI could offer to better support our agents and their customers. One of the top responses was surety. After a thorough analysis, we agreed, and FCCI Surety was launched in 2011.

According to Scott Paice, FCCI Vice President of Surety, the unit has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for growth, while deepening relationships with agents and policyholders that already had property and casualty coverage through FCCI and needed surety as well. Scott says, “FCCI entered the surety line of business because we listened to what our agents needed to serve their clients. FCCI gave us the resources and opportunity to succeed, our agents responded with overwhelming support, and we’ve been able to assist a growing number of contractors and bonded principals each year.”
Achievements included a 37 percent increase in surety premiums, a favorable direct loss ratio of 13 percent, and growth across all six FCCI regions. In addition, FCCI Surety was listed by The Surety & Fidelity Association of America as one of the Top 50 Writers of Surety Bonds in the country.
Scott credits these achievements to the company’s strong core values, committed teammates and keen focus on building relationships. “It’s truly been an All In success story. As a relationship-based business, we recognize that our people are the heart and soul of FCCI. We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of highly qualified surety professionals with an average of 18 years of industry experience,” says Scott. “Our team combines knowledge of the construction industry with strong business development skills to provide personal, value-added service to our agents and rapid, flexible underwriting to support contractors’ needs.”
In 2017, FCCI Surety conducted an Agency Survey to gauge satisfaction. Of the agents who responded, 85 percent rated the level of service received as “Very Good to Excellent,” and 87 percent reported that they are “Very Likely” or “Extremely Likely” to recommend FCCI Surety to a friend or colleague.
John Mina, President, and Michael Bonet, Vice President, of Risk Strategies Company, Inc., agree with that high satisfaction rating and are pleased with the relationship they have with their FCCI Regional Surety Manager, Kevin Stubbe. “Kevin has spent a lot of time with Michael and his clients, and together they have grown the surety book from about $200,000 in 2016 to over $520,000 this past year, including the largest bond ever written by FCCI Surety,” says John.
Despite the successes in 2017, FCCI isn’t a company to rest on our laurels. We added six additional FCCI Surety teammates in 2017 to expand our local presence in all six regions. We are also investing in robust technology that will streamline the process for our agents in quoting and writing bonds for FCCI Contract and Commercial Surety.
All In
means doing everything we can to be easy to do business with.
2017 marked FCCI Surety’s best year yet.
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