The threat of impending disaster has a unique way of bringing people together. Whether it’s neighbors helping each other hang hurricane shutters or teams of coworkers boarding up and securing facilities, sharing the load makes the preparation go faster. After the threat has passed, working collaboratively and pooling resources can make all the difference in quickly getting things back to normal.
The numerous weather-related events that occurred in 2017 gave FCCI teammates cause to rise and come together. The stories collected here reflect a spirit of being All In – fully dedicated to keeping our promises and delivering more than a policy. We saw the same All In spirit of service, cooperation and partnership reflected in our agents, policyholders and communities throughout the year.
Storm preparations at Naples StoneWorks, LLC, an FCCI policyholder in Naples, Florida, represented by Olin Hill & Associates, Inc., kept storm damages to a minimum.
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We would like to thank the following people for contributing to the 2017 FCCI Annual Report.
Marc Beaudet
Naples StoneWorks, LLC
Michael Bonet
Risk Strategies Company, Inc.
Louis Bridges
J. Smith Lanier & Co.
Randy Henry
Randy Henry Contracting, Inc.
John Mina
Risk Strategies Company, Inc.
Renée Snyder
Habitat for Humanity Sarasota
Randy Cannady
J.L. Hubbard Insurance and Bonds
Derek Hoines
Olin Hill & Associates, Inc.
Brett Mock
Victoria Calhoun Grain Co.
Randy Taylor
J.L. Hubbard Insurance and Bonds
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